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Sensor Hub is focus to provide industrial sensors based on customer real need to boost their business goals. We ensure that products are deliver reliably of best quality. 

We offer to provide proximity sensors, ultrasonic sensors, color sensors, laser sensors, encoders, RTD and load cells.


Sensor Hub has come to existence with a sharp need of  industrial sensors due to Industry 4.0 revolution. The industrial machines  are moving towards automation with a one point central control to minimize human efforts. Our mission is to serve and support our clients  in this change of industrial revolution.


We offer to deal with industrial sensors 

  • Inductive Proximity Sensors

  • Capacitive Sensors

  • Color Sensors

  • Ultra sonic Sensors

  • Fibre optics Sensors

  • Distance Sensors

  • Encoders 

  • Load cells

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ultrsonic distance sensor


inductive sensor

photoelectric sensor

capacitive sensor

fiber optics sensor

inductive sensor 1

fork sensor

level sensor

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